What is Pesocar?

Pesocar...Need a car? Got a dollar?
Pesocar provides vehicles for $1 to $100, helping USA citizens cope with a declining economy. PesoCar makes buying a vehicle fun and affordable. Pesocar was created to the help American citizens purchase cars at a fraction of the cost. During the recent economic slowdown, many people have lost their jobs, houses, and cars.

At Pesocar, we have been listening to the voices of the people...the people who have been out looking for jobs...the people who have been trying to make a way to support their family during this rough time.

Some people have said that they cannot find a job in their area, while others have found jobs many miles away, in an area where public transportation does not go, thus making them forgo accepting the position. We were trying to think of innovative ways [short of recreating The Jetson's space transportation system] to help Americans get back to work. We came up with a collective buying method that will revolutionize the way people shop for cars.
Pesocar also helps car dealerships move inventory at a fast rate. In essence, we're helping Americans get back to work AND we're helping car dealerships stay in business. That is what we refer to as "A win, win for all parties involved!"
So far, automakers have reported that some 16,000 brand new vehicles will have to be scrapped due to the killer storm that flooded coastal areas in New Jersey and New York. Many of them were stored at the port of Newark (NJ) when Sandy hit.
Nine days after Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, neither General Motors nor Ford gave estimates of vehicles that are a total loss, but it is estimated that a total of 100,000-250,000 new and used cars could be scrapped.


Pesocar is a buying technology network that acts as a digital liaison between car makers, car dealerships, and consumers.

Pesocar is dedicated to helping America regain it's "Super-Power" status by helping grow the economy and save jobs. The Pesocar program is a well versed buying system that helps the country in many different ways:

1) Pesocar partners with American automakers to help ensure and sustain job creation within its factories.

2) Pesocar helps car dealerships sell cars, keeping their dealership open while helping car manufacturers supply more and more cars across the nation.

3) Pesocar helps the consumer acquire vehicles from car dealerships all over the country. The consumer gets a vehicle without having to haggle with a salesman about price or monthly payments.